Business Intelligence

Full public sector market visibility contract finding tools
Understanding your TAM and start building a pipeline
Gain valuable insights in to spend data and pre-procurement plans


public sector tender portals


early warning of sales opportunities


public sector organisations tracked

Knowledge is Power

Noting is more frustrating than finding out about an opportunity too late to craft your best response, after the deadline or perhaps even worse, after the competition has briefed the buyer and potentially shaped the specification to suit their offer.

01. Know Your Market

We help you to define your market, identify your strengths and acquire a detailed view of your Total Addressable Market (TAM)

We work with you to identify and acquire the right tools and resources you need to achieve and maintain full market visibility for your products or services

02. Build Your Strategy

We advise and work with you to evaluate your market insights and to develop a strategy for growth that's right for you.

There may be some surprises but most of what you need to do to grow has been done before.

An effective growth strategy brings you an integrated pipeline of business.

Leveraging every opportunity to acquire, convert, and retain the most customers in the shortest period.

03. Deliver Success

Our support does not end at the border between strategy and action.

Relationships with our clients can extend beyond the theoretical and in to the practical.

Training, consulting, executing, the full spectrum of support for your growth strategy is available, it's your call.

Maxim Growth, Maximum Effort

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"Bringing together the right information with the right people will dramatically improve a company's ability to develop and act on strategic business opportunities"
Bill Gates

Put lead gen on auto-pilot

We partner with BidStats, the UK's leading provider of accurate and comprehensive publis sector tender information.

BidStats monitors more than 3,900 UK tender portals so you don't have to, find everything you need to know about what's in the public sector pipeline for your business on the BidStats platform.

BidStats Pro, the most popular subscription level comes with up to five years of historical data. Enabling you to see who won what and when, contact us today to discuss how best to use this invaluable asset

Our partners, Oxygen Insights gather the data to profile public sector organisations spend by market and supplier, enabling you to price your bids and offer a competitive tender.

Understand rival suppliers’ true presence in the UK public sector with categorised spend data, and track who they are winning business from over time.

The Pre-Procurement research team at Insights spend every day reading and summarising future tender intelligence from Cabinet and Board Papers, Committee Reports, Decision Notices, Prior Information Notices (PINs), Press Reports and Forward Plans, giving your sales team the inside scoop.

You don’t have time to find whispers of possible government tenders each day. Get personalised alerts for emerging opportunities and contract awards, for the buyers and categories you select and get new leads daily.

Insights Pre-Procurement flags expected tender opportunities, allowing early engagement with buyers. This targeted approach gives you time to get in and shape the buying process, a key factor in winning business.

The most comprehensive source of public sector procurement data available and accessible to everyone

A range of competitive pricing options available

Contact Maxim Growth to build the best Business Intelligence package for your business and learn how to use the best data in the business to your advantage.

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