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Growing a business and securing new contracts is challenging.
If you are struggling to identify and engage new business prospects; if you are new to the world of bidding or want to improve your win rates; if you are winning business but not retaining clients, we can help.

01. Bid Writing

Our experts support your team to win more contracts, adding value and increasing your chance of success

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02. Bid Management

Our experienced Bid Managers lead your bid, engaging subject matter experts and coordinating the response to maximise your potential for success.

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03. Bid Review

Our diverse team of work winning experts reviews your draft submission, providing advice, guidance and support where necessary to fine-tune your response.

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"The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do."
Thomas Jefferson

40+ years of expertise

The Government spends roughly £393 billion every year and they buy everything, literally, you name it - they buy it.

Our experts have supported and won contracts across the board including key growth areas such as Technology, Construction, FM, Financial and Professional Services and the Creative Industries.

The UK Government has a target of 33% SME participation in public sector contracts, but there unique challenges facing Startups and SMEs.

At the other end of the spectrum, the challenges are different for PLCs but no less difficult to overcome. Add capacity or short-term capability with Maxim Growth

If you're an SME and not sure if public sector contracts are right for you, or that you are ready to bid? Maybe you just need expert help to compete for the first time, Maxim Growth can help.

Our strategy at Maxim Growth is to build a community of clients that we can support to develop and grow.

It is only through getting to really know and understand your business that we can best support you to deliver on your targets and help you grow.

We have flexible support options built around your business needs, we invest in your success and we grow, if you do.

Our approach is entirely collaborative, seamlessly becoming part of your team to better understand the story of your business.

Hands-on as necessary, or on-hand to fill gaps when needed.

Our team includes work-winning experts well beyond the bid writing community including Designers, Web Professionals and other creative resources. All dedicated to making your bid and your business stand out from the rest.

Maxim Growth, Maximum Effort.

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