Business Growth

Results focused Consultancy
Help to identify, prioritise and commit to winnable opportunities
Improved sales and business winning performance


of results come from 20% of activities


of customers, often produce 80% of income


focus on profitable customers or products

Create a winning growth strategy

In terms of sales and income generation, if you aren't thinking or planning to engage your buyers, then you can stop worrying, you won't be part of the conversation when the contracts get awarded.

01. Capture Management

Successful work-winning functions actively shape opportunities with clients for themselves and to exclude others.

We support you to develop and deliver a successful capture management strategy

Increase your win rates, reduce the cost of sales, lift margins and increase the likelihood of  negotiated deals with effective capture management.

02. Key Account Management

Winning a new client is just the start, effective key account management will build on that success and enhance the value of that customer to your business.

We support you to develop a structured, high performing account management strategy

You will be empowered to engage your customers successfully and extend your influence, having insightful conversations with clients and potential prospects

03. Marketing

Support to develop a strategic and practical, bespoke marketing plan for your business.

Help to understand your ideal customer and what drives their buying decisions.

Target driven advice and support to put you on the right path to meet your goals

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"It's not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change."
Charles Darwin

Make a change with Maxim

Capture management is a structured approach to researching and qualifying potential clients and opportunities and developing a strategy to improve your probability of winning business.

They may not have the title but the person currently responsible for finding clients on your behalf is or has the potential to be your Capture Manager

Capture Managers are most often used for large complex sales or recompetes, where closing the sale will take the business development manager’s attention away from pursuing the other leads.

The goal of a successful key account management strategy is to sustain or grow profits from particularly valuable or key strategic clients.

A successful relationship with a valuable client will be mutually beneficial and will require the allocation of time, personnel and resources to achieve.

Businesses that deploy a professional key account management strategy are more likely to enjoy better retention rates with strategic accounts and will be better placed to grow revenue through cross or up-selling.

Growth Marketing is the process of using data gained through marketing campaigns to drive growth

Growth marketers are always analysing data, feedback and results, identifying trends, what's working and what's not having the desired impact.

Effective marketing should allow your business to engage with your customers on a deeper level. Personalised communications should help you understand customers needs and enable you to provide tailored solutions and proposals

Employ strategic marketing approaches and your business can extend its reach, establish a strong brand identity, engage customers and achieve remarkable growth.

Marketing is an area where it is sometimes difficult to quantify ROI and therefore sometimes hard to determine how much to spend.

Investing in marketing will require resources, but the returns in terms of increased revenue can be substantial but, it is essential that you establish clear and measurable KPI's.

Website traffic, conversion and/or retention  rates and customer engagement metrics are useful options to help you to gauge success.

Our fees in all areas of our professional consultancy work are entirely bespoke and agreed with our client in advance of starting work. We work with you to establish and agree a brief that will include smart targets

We have a number of pricing options and incentivised payment structures available to provide you with a competitive and effective solution.

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